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BIG G Services recommends the Guardian Air because it does not need the pollutants to travel to the air handler for UV treatment or filtration. Guardian Air is proactive and sends ionized aggressive advanced oxidizers into the room to destroy the pollutants at the source, in the air and on surfaces, before they can reach your family, clients or employees. RGF first developed its Advanced O xidation Technology over 20 years ago. Over one million RGF Cells are in use around the world. The Guardian Air is used by many Fortune 500 companies, the US Government, cruise ships, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, commercial buildings and homes across the world. The Guardian Air has been approved by the EPA, USDA, FDA and US Government.

The Guardian Air is installed as part of your home’s central heating and cooling system.completely out of your way and out-of-sight. That means each and every time your system runs, the Guardian Air produces naturally occuring oxidizers that travel through the conditioned air space in your home or office and kills bacteria, viruses, mold, gases and odors.

The main difference with UV light systems and whole-home air cleaners is that they are passive systems. The germs and particulates have to make it to those systems in order for them to work. How does that protect you from somebody coughing or sneezing in a room? How does that protect you if the germs attach themselves to an object – like a cup or another person? The Guardian Air is an active system. It generates oxidizers that travel through the conditioned building space and proactively kill germs before they have a chance to spread. For example, in an independent sneeze test, the Guardian Air was proven to kill 78% of bacteria within three feet of the sneeze. The bacteria was killed before it had a chance to infect somebody else.

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Honeywell dual lamp UV Light

honeywellHoneywell Air Treatment Systems produce UV-C energy, emitting short-wave ultraviolet light that is proven to be a highly-effective germicide. The technology is widely used in hospitals, pharmacies, and kitchens to kill airborne and surface microorganisms like mold and bacteria. Now homeowners can benefit from UV products, too. Honeywell lamps are ozone free. They come with a five-year limited warranty and the lamp replacement is a snap.

When installed in forced air heating and cooling systems, the UV100E Ultraviolet Systems kill airborne or surface microorganism contaminants like mold and bacteria. The UV systems use patented SmartLamp control technology that monitors the HVAC system to operate the lamps only when needed. This technology extends bulb life up to five times and reduces power consumption, lowering operating costs. The UV systems also include local diagnostics with the SmartLamp LED and reset capability.

UV100E Air Treatment Systems (single-lamp and duallamp) are mounted in the return air duct of an HVAC system. The single-lamp unit has moderate efficiency and the dual-lamp unit has high-efficiency performance against airborne bacteria in return air applications.


  • SnapLamp features replacement lamp handle with detachable replacement bulb, UC18W or UC36W, to make replacement more economical.
  • SmartLamp Control Algorithm determines optimal UV lamp usage.
  • SmartLamp LED shows bulb life and replacement.
  • Reduced power consumption and extended bulb life.
  • Communicates with other home appliances through Enviracom three-wire communications bus.
  • Automatic brownout and high temperature protection for UV lamps.
  • Return air models supplied with integrated airflow sensor to monitor air flowing through ductwork.
  • UV-C light kills airborne bacteria and surface mold.
  • Easy lamp maintenance with quick, easy bulb replacement.
  • Sealed unit prevents accidental installer/homeowner contact with high voltage and ultraviolet rays.
  • Safe design prevents lamp from lighting unless base is correctly mounted on HVAC duct.
  • Lamp light indicator to safely view lamp operation.
  • Power cord that plugs into 120 Vac electrical outlet.
  • Five-year limited warranty.
  • Meets American Lung Association Health House guidelines.
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Guardian Air is proactive and uses oxygen to seek out and destroy pollutants in the air and on surfaces before they can reach your family.

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Don't just treat the symptoms - remove the problems from the air in every room of your house.

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Remove dust, pet dander and other particulates in your supply and return air ducts, registers and grilles.